Custom framing - Alphonse Mucha framed art print

Custom Framing

Create something unique! Relax and have fun. You’re working with the most passionate and well educated framers in the business.

Our job as your custom framing expert is to help you create a framing solution that reflects your style, your décor, your art AND your budget.

Assembling a custom frame - Wallingford Frame Central

One Day Framing

In a hurry? We’re different! We actually have saws in our stores and can chop and join a custom frame for you in one day! (Limited selection of custom moulding available for one day service.)

Or, choose a readymade frame and we’ll custom cut a mat, assemble your piece, and have that completed in one day.

Custom framing a Timbers Jersey


Want to build your own and save a few dollars?  DIY is just like one day framing, (we’ll do the chopping, joining, cutting, etc.), but if you are experienced, you can be the “framer.”

Assembly tables and tools available in most Frame Central locations.