We bring your art to life and life to art
We bring your art to life and life to art


Frame Central stores are the result of an uncompromising passion for art and the art of framing.


Our framers and designers are artists, most with degrees in art and many with a lifetime’s experience in the framing business.


Thirty years’ experience, to be precise. We opened our first store, originally Beard’s Framing Outlet, in 1987.


We make framing fun! Framing shouldn’t be a mystery or a misery. Come play and co-create pieces that show off your personality and your sense of design.


We have saws and joiners inside our stores. You want fast custom framing? We can do that.


Sure, custom anything is more expensive than buying the mass-produced version. But Frame Central can still make framing affordable. We may be artists, but we know that it is your budget we are working with!